It is now possible to enjoy the unique sensation of weightlessness and deep relaxation with the therapeutic float tank experience.

In a completely natural way, we simply invite you to float, freely and effortlessly, in a silky solution of water at a controlled temperature, containing over 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt.

Comfortably stretched out in your personal bath, your body gradually frees itself from weightiness, letting a pure sensation of relaxation rise from deep within.

The presence of a tranquil environment accompanied by the powerful virtues of Epsom Salt, enhances the connection between mind and body and will decrease your level of stress, enhance your quality of sleep, relieve your pain, increase your immunity, and improve your circulation.

We recommend booking a floating session by itself or before a wellness massage to enjoy the full therapeutic float tank experience.

Your float session
Your float session takes place in a private space that ensures complete privacy and complete relaxation environment. It is not necessary to bring a swimsuit.

The room is carefully designed and the chamber is equipped with a system that controls the temperature to the water, an integrated ventilation system; a purified water system, completely free of bacteria, absolute silence or your choice of soft mood music to accompany your session. At all times you may choose between subdued lighting and total darkness. We recommend total darkness for the ultimate deep relaxation technique.

The session lasts for 60 minutes but we ask you allocate 90 minutes of your time.  You will start with a shower to eliminate body oil in order to preserve the water weightlessness. A soft light and music will tell you when the end of your float is only a few minutes away.

After a final rinsing shower, we offer you spa water or herbal tea and you are welcome to rest in our relaxation lounge in order to re-acclimate yourself to the outside world. We will provide you with: towels, soap, shampoo, conditioner, hair dryer, and earplugs.

We are looking forward to having you enjoy your therapeutic float experience. Subscribe to our newsletter to be notified when this service will be available.


Floatation 60 Minute

Late Night Floatation 120 Minute

Couples Floatation 60 Minute

Late Night Couples Float 120 Minute


Floatation Membership 60 Minute 

Late Night Floatation Membership 120 Minute 

Couples Floatation Membership 60 Minute 

Late Night Couples Floatation Membership 120 Minute 


52 Floatation Package (Plus! Receive membership pricing on all services!) 

10 Floatation Package 

5 Floatation Package 

3 Floatation Package 

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