Body Series with Norriah Mease

We took an exclusive look inside the life of Massage Therapist, Norriah Mease. Read on to learn more about the aspects of healing and discovering life’s balances.


What made you decide to get into massage therapy?

I was actually a Corpsman (aka Medic) in the Navy for five years and two months. The concept of healing has always been an obsession since I was a child. However, I left the Navy in 2016, and began studying Biology at UNT to pursue a career as a Physician Assistant. Whilst going to school, I was also working at a family medicine clinic and hospital. I remember I began to get a bit depressed and felt as though not many people were getting to the root cause of their conditions or illness. It was very concerning and saddening. I started researching how to heal root causes and not just treat symptoms with medication. It took about a year of research before I found a school to study Holistic Medicine in California. Unknowingly and the biggest part of the program was massage therapy! Before that moment I had no idea massage was so beneficial and was such a tremendous aspect of Holistic Healing that I would enjoy so much. 


So tell us, what is your favorite type of massage to perform on your clients?

Massage is the most wonderful approach in learning the subtleties of life, which have a lot to do with the functioning of our nervous systems. The nervous system dictates our emotional responses, energy levels, and ability to carry out our day to day. My favorite type of massage are ones the work directly with the central nervous system in switching off the fight or flight mode (sympathetic) into rest in digest (parasympathetic). My most valued tools for this are Reiki and Craniosacral therapy.

Since you’re certified in Reiki… How can Reiki be combined with massage therapy?

Reiki is an alternative Japanese therapy often referred to as energy healing. “Rei” meaning universal and “ki” meaning life energy, targets the energy field around a person’s physical body. Stagnant energy within the body is believed to be a big cause in physical injury or possible emotional blocks. The practitioner works with these blocks by being a conduit of universal life energy through their intention, meditation, and palm healing. By placing their hands lightly over any area of the body that may have an injury, the practitioner simply allows the transfer of energy. The fun part is feeling the heat from the practitioner’s hands and the area they are working on increase! I like to bring this energy flow into a deep tissue massage. By a gentle approach to deep tissue, I invite the blocks to break up by utilizing Reiki, as opposed to strength and physical force, which can be very painful for the client. 

How do you incorporate wellness into your daily life?

Wellness for me is a wonderful game of balance. Although I have my practices I love meditation, ritual, herb and flower baths, I really like to think of it as tending to every body I have (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual). Whether it is eating a nutrient dense diet, going for a swim, a hike in nature, reading a self-help book, ingesting a new flower essence for emotional wellness, or a simple prayer; balance is essential to maintaining a health conscious, joyful, and fulfilling life.