Everybody has their own thoughts when the word “massage” is mentioned. For some, it’s a way to break away from the world for an hour or two, while others only keep it for more romantic occasions. There are even some people who think getting a massage is a complete waste of time but it DOES have its benefits and uses. It can greatly improve the quality of your life as you read more.

The reality is that massages can serve all kinds of sensual and non-sensual purposes. And many people have already discovered these benefits. So, if you haven’t had a professional massage yet, you probably have some questions you are dying to get the answer to.

How Often Should I Get A Massage?

Without wasting time, let’s get to the question that brought you to this article, and there is a very straightforward answer. You should get massaged as many times as you need. If you feel that your daily stress buildup is interfering with your health or quality of life, counteract the negativity with our Dallas deep-tissue therapy.  We recommend once a month for the average person.  If you have a high level of stress in your life, we recommend once every two weeks or more.  It really depends on the individual.

There are no rules as to how many times a week you can schedule a session, and if you can afford it, then more power to you. Now, what about the other questions you are dying to ask?

What Is A Massage Good For?

In order to put the skeptics to bed, in a manner of speaking, there is an extensive range of benefits associated with getting massaged. For example:

  • Relaxation and decompressing
  • To  greatly help clear and calm your mind
  • Soothe painful and aching muscles
  • Regenerate and build energy
  • Release endorphins that put you in a good and positive mood
  • Help loosen tight muscles
  • Ease digestion
  • Help circulate and empty the lymphatic system
  • Overall Enjoyment and increased quality of life
  • There are other numerous benefits that comes with getting a massage.

There are so many things people use massages for, jamming them all into this article is simply not realistic. And if you want to prove these benefits are wrong, go get massaged and see for yourself.

How Many Different Massage Approaches Are There?

You’ll be happy to know there are many different approaches and each style has different benefits and uses.

We provide the following:

Does It Really Promote Better Sleep?

People forget how important a healthy sleep pattern can be. And, strangely enough, those who are aware that sticking to a schedule is great for improving quality of life find it hard to sleep at night. They either can’t fall asleep or they wake up several times, breaking the crucial cycle.

Getting a regular massage will leave you more relaxed overall and less stressed. If you have specific muscle pain, there is nothing like a professional massage to bring some much-needed relief.  In other words, being more relaxed and pain-free will help you to stick to healthy cycles for sleeping and help your body function more normally and optimally.

How Much Do Professional Massages Cost?

Our price vary in a wide range.  See our DFW massage page for more information on how long each session is and its cost.

Are the Massage Professionals licensed?

Yes all our massage staff are licensed to practice in the State of Texas.  We pride ourselves in staying up to date with all massage trends and keep up with new training.

Any other questions?  Just contact us today and we will be happy to help you!

All that’s left now is for you to reserve a massage and see you at the Riviera Spa!