Amenities provided include: towel, washcloth, robe, spa slippers, ear plugs, shampoo & body wash, hair dryer, Vaseline (apply to small, unopened cuts to avoid burning sensation from salt water), private shower & lounge area in which to enjoy filtered water &/or herbal tea & to savor the experience.

Facilities: Our  day spa is located in Uptown Dallas on Travis Street directly off of Knox/Henderson, as part of Travis Walk, & on the ground level – suite #105. We are able to host floats on an identical schedule in order to minimize all external noise, vibration, smell, or taste within our control. As such, we ask guests to be mindful of the nature of the facility & its surroundings.

Due Care: Each guest is advised to use available safety features, such as grab bars, & textured flooring. We ask that each guest take precautions against wet or slippery floors to avoid slips, trips or falls. Surfaces are wet as they are cleaned between each session.

Cancellations policy: We appreciate 24 hours of notice to cancel a reserved session whenever possible. If you cannot do so, we reserve the right to bill you for 50-100% of the normal session fee.

Recommendations: To ensure each guest receives as much relaxation as possible during their float, we encourage you to float in the nude. Our water is heated at body temperature (94.5 degrees). Any wet clothing will alter your body temperature & may result in a less than satisfying float. We recommend avoiding drinking coffee, or consuming any stimulants that will hinder your mind & body from relaxing. Please be sure & have a light snack one hour prior to floating. Guest who wear contact lenses should be extra careful to avoid salt water from entering eyes. Please bring contact solution if desired. Shower caps may be worn inside the tank but will not be provided at the spa. Please allot 90 mins for a 60 minute float session.  Please leave all electronic devices outside of the tank – do not bring them in with you!


  • Do I need to bring anything?

If you wear contacts, it’s good to bring a case, your solution, and your glasses. We provide the towels, earplugs, spa slippers, soap, shampoo and even a hairdryer. Since floating is done in the nude, you won’t require a swimsuit, this can become a distraction to the floater and the salt could discolor your favorite suit. You can bring a change of clothes for after your post float shower, if you wish.

  • Do I need to do anything before I float?

Refrain from drinking caffeine for a few hours before your session so you don’t have stimulants in your system. We do not recommend you shave or wax before your float appointment, the salt water can irritate freshly shaved skin. We advise waiting a 24 hour period before floating. Eat something light 60 minutes before since an empty stomach can be distracting.

  • What if I dye or color my hair?

Your hair will get wet, though the water is neutral and the Epsom Salt is not at all harsh, if you dye your hair, you will need to wait at least 10 days after you dye it to give your new color time to set in completely. With red dye, we require you to wait at least 30 days to float (until no color bleeds out in your shower) and wear a tight-fitted swim cap (you provide) while floating. We’ve found that red dye (and other bright color permanent and temporary dyes) can leach out of hair for many weeks, which may damage our float tank. You cannot float if you have Henna coloring in your hair (or a Henna tattoo).

Special Note: If you use a Keratin hair smoothing treatment, hair professionals recommend staying out of salt water and this includes Epsom Salt. So if you use this product we recommend taking precautions against getting your hair fully wet by using a high quality swimmer’s cap to keep as much water out as possible.

  • What if I’m claustrophobic?

People with claustrophobia consistently report no problems with floating. You’re always in control of your environment, and you can get out anytime. You can leave the lid open, leave the light on or listen to music during your session, it’s your call.

  • Can I drown if I fall asleep?

No. Many people fall asleep, but the water is so buoyant you stay afloat. The worst that can happen is getting woken up by a bit of salt water in your eyes, nose and mouth.

  • How are the tanks kept clean?

Filtration begins when the guest leaves their float cabin.  The water is sanitized through 4 cycles of treatment: #1/Primary particle filter,  #2/ Ozone, #3/UV filtration, #4/ 1-micron filter. Total time to complete filtration process is within 20 minutes between each float session.

  • Can I bring a friend?

Absolutely. We offer floating sessions for singles, as well as, couples!

  • What types of tanks do you have?

Our tank is a Pro Float Cabin. This specific style has become very popular in the float industry due to the ability to accommodate a vast range of floaters. They are one of the largest, most luxurious, full featured floatation tanks on the market.

  • Can I float if I’m menstruating?

Yes. Just follow the same protocol you would if you were to go swimming in a pool (use tampons or menstrual cups).

  • Can I float if I am pregnant?

Definitely. Floating can relieve a lot of the aches and pains caused by pregnancy. We do not recommend expecting mothers to float if they are less than 12 weeks in their pregnancy. If you are in your first trimester, or have any concerns, please consult with your physician before coming in.

  • Can I float if I’m sick or suffering from allergies?

If you’re coughing, sneezing, or your nose is running, floating is not a good idea – if you are coughing and stuffed up, it’ll be uncomfortable to float. Also, if you are contagious, it is recommended to stay home.  We will be glad to help you reschedule your appointment.

  • Can I get dehydrated from soaking for so long?

No. Your skin doesn’t even prune up. You do absorb the wonderful benefits of magnesium from the Epsom salt during your float. See our Benefits of Floating page to see the list.

  • How long is the float session?

Please allot 90 minutes of time for a 60 minute float session.  Guest should arrive 10-15 minutes beforehand to change into a robe. For all guest receiving their first float at Riviera Spa, we will ask you to sign our new guest floatation waiver, and a brief introductory tour of our float room and tank will be provided by one of our Spa Coordinators.

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