Eyebrow Waxing Dallas, TX

Eyebrow Waxing Prices
Brow Shape —>$27
Brow Touchup —>$21


Eyebrow Waxing Techniques

When it comes to eyebrow waxing, the type of technique that is followed will usually depend on the length and thickness of your eyebrows, along with the shape you are trying to achieve. We provide many styles in order to fit your taste and needs.

What to Expect

Most eyebrow waxing sessions do not take longer than 20 minutes, but some sessions take even less than that. It would depend on how much hair you are having removed and what type of shape you want for your eyebrows. Although removing the wax and hair from the skin does cause some discomfort, the discomfort that you will feel will only last for a few seconds. We recommend to moisturize after the eyebrow treatment to minimize any skin irritation.

The waxing specialist will remove any unwanted hair from above the brow, below the brow, and between both brows. Once those hairs have been removed with wax, the specialist will look at the eyebrows and make any adjustments using a pair of tweezers and some brow shaping scissors.

Eyebrow Waxing Dallas

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