Dermaplane Facial Treatment | Dermaplaning Facial In Dallas, TX


A safe and highly effective physical exfoliation procedure, removing the top-most layer of dead skin along with fine, vellus hair.
*Must discontinue use of Retin-A products at least 3 days prior to the procedure.

Add to any 80 minute facial for an additional $35.


What Is Dermaplane?  Dermaplaning Facial Treatment Dallas

Do you wonder what dermaplane is? You might have heard friends, family members, and professional colleagues talking about. Perhaps you’ve seen ads for it, or just overheard people talking about it in line somewhere or in an elevator. Whatever the case, if you’re curious about it, You’ve come to the right place for an introduction to it. Keep reading to learn what it is, the uses for it, the benefits it offers, and the potential results and effects.

What Is Dermaplaning?

It’s a skin care treatment which removes vellus hair and dead skin cells. If you’re not familiar with the term ‘vellus hair’, it’s commonly known as peach fuzz. In this treatment, an aesthetician will use a small and sterile blade while they hold the skin taut as they swipe the blade using gentle and upward motions. Despite using a blad, the treatment, when administered properly, is quite painless. Many recipients actually report that it’s rather relaxing, almost like having the hands of small kids running across their faces. The  blade in question is a 10-inch scalpel that curves up into a sharp point; it gets used on any skin that is clean and dry on a recipient’s neck, nose, chin, cheeks, and forehead.

What Are The Uses Of Dermaplane Treatments?

Dermaplaning is useful for men and women. In particular, it can help out anyone suffering from rough and dry skin. It’s also great for dealing with wrinkles and fine lines. Anyone that has excess vellus hair, superficial pigmentation, or mild scars, like those that result from acne, can also stand to benefit.

What Effects Happen After The Treatment?

Dermaplane treatments involve the skin being lightly scraped with a scalpel used in delicate and even feathery strokes. The scalpel blade removes surface impurities carefully, as well as dead skin cells. Skin that is treated this way might be red and even mildly swollen following treatment. Tingling and discomfort can also happen, but they can also be alleviated using non-prescription pain medication. The use of sunscreen is highly recommended since dermaplaned skin is more susceptible to sunlight damage. Following treatment, new and younger skin should develop in the affected areas.

What Are The Benefits Of Dermaplane?

For starters, it removes facial hair. At first glance, the function might seem similar to the fad of shaving your face. However, it’s a lot more effective because the kind of blade used is a lot sharper than retail blades and because it’s being applied by a professional aesthetician who knows how to deal with problem areas. It’s what they do for a living after all.

A second benefit is exfoliation of the skin. While it’s true that there are many different ways to exfoliate skin, dermaplaning isn’t abrasive, nor does it need special chemicals; this sets it apart from microdermabrasion and other options. Anyone with sensitive skin is likely to appreciate this.

Third, there are anti-aging benefits. It won’t reverse skin aging, but it can prevent further damage while reducing the appearance of any damaging effects that have already happened, resulting in skin that looks fresher. The removal of the top layer of skin has a revitalizing effect that gives your skin new life and vibrancy.

Fourth, and this is a big one, dermaplaning is painless. The use of a scalpel and its strokes might seem scary at first, but it’s a lot like acupuncture. It looks like a big deal until you do it, and then you realize just how easy it actually is. In fact, the experience is rather relaxing for many, which is quite a bit different than getting facial hair tweezed or waxed or having to face the anxiety that comes with laster treatments.

Fifth, there isn’t any downtime. Once the treatment is done, you can go home and apply a pain cream if you need one, but any potential redness or swelling don’t linger long. For that matter, you can put on makeup when you need to, and it’s going to go on quite smoothly since your skin has had its surface irregularities removed from the top layer.

In Summary

Now that you’ve read this article, you shouldn’t be wondering any longer what dermaplane is, as you’ve learned that, plus what uses there are for it, the advantages of having it done, and the possible effects and results. When a professional skin treatment center has properly trained staff, the procedure is safe and even rather comforting. If you think it might be something you’re personally interested in, find a provider in your area that offers it. Call or email them with any questions you might have since this article can’t hope to cover everything. Check out their reviews online to see how reputable they are, and then if you’re still interested, schedule an appointment to try it out for yourself.