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Get A Couples Massage in Dallas, TX!

If you believe that a couples massage here at the Riviera Spa in Dallas offers the perfect way to make any relationship bloom, you should know that science will back you up. Massage allows your body to produce and release more oxytocin, a natural substance sometimes called “the Love hormone.” Of course, you don’t have to book your couples massage with a romantic partner and can also enjoy many benefits if you come with your sibling, close friend, or even your athletic partner or coworker.

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Enjoying The Benefits Of A Couples Massage Dallas

Besides the many health and wellness benefits of a massage, you can also book a couples massage here at the Riviera Spa in Dallas to enjoy these advantages:

* Try something new with a friend or romantic partner as a perfect way to strengthen or cement your bonds and share an experience.

* Allow yourself and your massage partner to take time out of your busy day to simply live in the present moment.

* Block time out of your demanding schedule to share some quality time with a friend, associate or loved one.

* It will be a full body, customizable massage. You must call or text to book (secure appointment with a $50 deposit).

While many of our clients enjoy sharing a couples massage with a romantic partner, many others bring friends, tennis partners, or even their moms or dads. While sharing massage time together can help renew the spice in a romantic relationship, you’re free to make anything out of your experience that you choose. You can also share the relaxation and relief of massage therapy with anybody that you’re close with in order to help cement feelings of friendship and other bonds.

No matter who you bring along for a couples massage, you can book a 50- or 80-minute session. Many of our clients find that this experience provides them with the perfect way to renew and reconnect. Surprise somebody that you care about by cooking a couples massage here at the Riviera Spa today.

If you have any questions about our couples massage spa service or any other services, don’t wait to contact us here at the Dallas Riviera Spa. Otherwise, book your massage right away, so we can start treating you well as soon as possible.

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A couples massage is a shared experience where you and a partner lie on two separate beds next to each other and get a massage from two separate therapists. 


Of course, couples massages don’t ONLY involve a romantic partner; you can get a friend, a family member, or a co-worker as well. 


And just like any other massage, you’ll have soothing music, pleasant aroma, and candle/accent lighting.


The massage occurs in a private room.


Couples massages help to build closeness and affection between you and your partner. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Oxytocin, a hormone, gets released from the body during a good massage. Also called the love hormone, this chemical is responsible for:

  • Building Trust
  • Increasing romantic attachment
  • Bonding
  • Increasing psychological stability
  • Improving sexual arousal
  • Fostering pro-social behaviors
  • Improving warmth, altruism, and openness
  • Improving tolerance to pain and reducing stress and anxiety
  • Elevating your mood

A lot, huh. Yes. A massage can do all that.

Now let’s look at some advantages couples massage has over a normal one:

  • It gives you and a partner a new shared experience – Fed up of going on the same boring dates again and again?

Then a couples massage will add a new shared experience that both of you can cherish forever (new experiences in a relationship rekindles any lost passion).

  • It Creates Lasting Intimacy – Remember oxytocin? Well, a couples massage amplifies this hormone, creating a strong sense of togetherness between you and your partner.

Other than oxytocin, a good massage will also release dopamine and serotonin, hormones responsible for pleasure and contentment.

And the best part? Your brain will relate any feelings of contentment and satisfaction you feel during the therapy to your partner, solidifying your relationship even more.

Don’t be surprised if the effects last long after the massage session. Your love life (in and out of the bedroom) will be on a whole new level.

Note: this is not just for couples who are romantically involved. You’ll also find increased feelings of intimacy and bonding if you bring a friend or a family member.

  • Relieves the stress in your relationship

Is the relationship between you and your partner strained, causing both of you stress? Or maybe your work life has been killing you on the inside?

These inner tensions hamper relationships with your loved ones. That’s why a good massage by a capable therapist is an excellent way to let go of everything and relax.

And guess what? You’ll notice the conflicts between you and your partner dissolve. Once the massage is done, you won’t know why you even hated each other in the first place.

We do our best to make your massage the best experience possible. That said, here are some things you can do to enhance your experience. 


Take a shower 

A good shower before a massage makes the experience better (both for you and the therapist). If you had a long day in the office (OR if you were lazing in bed, pretending to wfh), then a good bath can jolt and freshen you up. You’ll find the massage session more pleasurable. 


Additionally, massage oils get better absorbed into your skin when it’s clean.


Go easy on the food

Have something light, like a salad, before your massage (you definitely wouldn’t want to eat a McDonald’s burger, trust us on this). 


There are two reasons not to fill your stomach – firstly, you don’t want to fall asleep during the massage (where’s the fun then), and secondly, a full stomach hampers the efficiency of the massage process.


Ditch those phones

Okay, this will be the hardest step, but ditch the phones at home (just kidding, but do leave them in the waiting room during the massage. It’ll make your experience much better).

Say Goodbye to your problems (at least temporarily)

As much as you can, leave your worries and problems at home. Come with the intention to relax. You’ll enjoy the massage a whole lot better. 

Wear something loose-fitting and comfortable. Why? Because oils will be applied to your body, and they will transfer to your clothing after the massage, making you feel uneasy. 


During the massage, you’re free to remove your clothing (only to the extent you’re comfortable with it). However, know that the therapist will be limited as he/she won’t be able to massage all your muscle groups efficiently. 


Don’t fret about removing your clothing, we provide you with disposable underwear that is comfortable. That way, you can keep your parts private, and at the same time, our massage therapist can knead your whole body unobstructed. 

Before the massage starts, the therapist will leave the room and ask you to get undressed (to the extent you feel comfortable). You can then lie on the massage table, face down. 


The therapist will then knock to see if you’re ready before entering the room again. So take time to relax (there’s no rush), and let the therapist come in when you feel comfortable.


During the massage, the therapist will uncover only those sections of your body they’ll be massaging. The rest of your body will be covered, leaving you feeling snug and comfortable underneath the cover. Our therapists make sure you won’t feel exposed, so you feel relaxed. 


If you’re uncomfortable with the pressure applied, feel free to tell our therapist to increase or decrease it.


To keep the connection and closeness to your partner, you can talk to them during the session from time to time.