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What To Expect | Brazilian Wax

Although some people prefer the natural look, an increasing number of women are choosing to remove their unwanted body hair.  From eyebrow waxing to toes and everything in between, waxing is an excellent option for long lasting results. The Brazilian waxing style tends to the hair in the nether regions.

While many are familiar with the bikini wax, this style of waxing removes all of the hair down below- front to back.  A Brazilian wax is highly recommended for those who are accustomed to bikini waxing.

Brazilian Wax Dallas

First and Foremost –> Go to an established salon or spa for a Brazilian wax, do not try the treatment at home (unless you really know what you are doing!) Many women have attempted to perform this waxing at home, with sometimes disastrous results. Incorrect temperature, application, and removal processes can lead to burns, skin tears and bruising. A well-trained & reputable waxing professional can ensure that you have a great experience!

While this thought of someone being up close and personal with your private areas might make you cringe, it’s important to remember that it is business as usual to the waxing artist. These professionals deal with this kind of thing on a regular basis, and are there to make sure you have the most comfortable experience as possible.  We try to minimize discomfort as much as possible.

Some women opt to leave a little hair with a Brazilian, which can be shaped to your liking.  Just ask the waxing professional what you like.

Fortunately, the hairs grow back thinner and less dense the next time, meaning pain reduction with future applications.

The good news is that the pain is short-lived, with the results lasting for several weeks. Best of all, you need not worry about shaving during this time. To minimize pain, you can take two ibuprofen an hour or two beforehand to reduce discomfort during your Brazilian wax. 

Helpful Tips To Help You Prepare

Once you have scheduled an appointment, you need to prep for the procedure. First of all, stop shaving your hair down there. If you are accustomed to daily shaving, this might be the most difficult step of all. It is essential that the wax has enough hair to grab onto. One-quarter inch of hair is perfect for the Brazilian waxing treatment.

– Wear comfortable clothing to the appointment, and avoid tight pants for a day or two afterward.  Tight fitting clothing can cause rubbing on the area and can delay healing.

– Please shower before your waxing treatment as well as sweat can delay healing too.

– Wait at least 24 hours before engaging in intense physical activity. Skip the gym to give your freshly waxed body time to heal.

– Avoid the beach and swimming pool for at least a day. Though you might be tempted to slip into your favorite swimwear to show off your fresh wax job, doing so is a bad idea. The salt water, chlorine, and sunshine can all irritate your skin as you recover.

The sleek sensation of a fresh Brazilian wax can be quite liberating. Pamper yourself with a professional waxing treatment to discover why it is the hair removal of choice for a growing number of women. You are sure to quickly forget about the temporary pain as you are able to enjoy smooth skin without being bound to your razor every day.  If you search for Brazilian waxing in Dallas, then reserve an appointment today at the Riviera Spa!