Massage Therapist

Tayyar Unal

Tayyar was inspired to become a Massage Therapist because he wanted to take an active role in the wellness of the individual. He believes that skilled therapeutic touch is one of the more direct, efficient ways of healing the body and steering towards homeostasis. Tayyar’s view on wellness is more of a totality of many different variables working in consonance than it is a finite, one-time achievement. He thinks the aim of what we call ‘wellness’ is to find a semblance of continuity within the physical/emotional/spiritual realms of each individual, and this is inseparable from constantly working on and refining ourselves.
Tayyar has Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Philosophy. He eventually wants to get NASM certified for personal training. Tayyar is most passionate about training the body and mind as thoroughly as possible, trying to get back to the older notions of wellness found in Ancient Greece and India, and living the well-examined life and educating others in this pursuit along the way. In his sparetime, Tayyar enjoys reading, disc golf, yoga, cooking, weightlifting, and learning piano.