What are some things you do to enhance your mental well-being?


I’m a big fan of self-care, whether it’s slowing down enough to enjoy a cup of loose-leaf brewed tea, soaking in a CBD Epsom salt bath, or making a multi-step dessert that takes time and focus; I like to do things that encourage mindfulness and being in the present.”

-Jaime Rivera, Massage Therapist



I love to meditate at home to focus my thoughts before I start my day and when I end my day. If I have a clear mind I can better achieve my goals for the day without a foggy mind.”

-Joslyn Bundy, Esthetician




Having my morning coffee before I do anything for the day helps me organize my thoughts. Taking a bath with Epsom salts when I’m feeling stressed. Telling myself that it’s okay to feel like I’m failing sometimes – reset and keep it going!” 

-Alyssa Manhan, Front Desk Shift Lead


Do you have a way to enhance YOUR mental well-being?

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