Bikini Waxing Treatment

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What To Know About Getting A Bikini Wax

Many women choose a middle ground, opting for the bikini wax. If you are new to the idea of hair removal, it can often be a great way to test the waters without going for a full Brazilian wax treatment.

If you have ever waxed your legs, you might be tempted to perform a bikini wax on your own. However, waxing is best left to the professionals. A qualified esthetician can ensure that you experience minimal pain and have an attractive, balanced hairline with little to none skin issues.

This style of waxing removes the hair that would otherwise hang out of your swimwear. It does not require a great deal of time, because there is usually only a strip or two of hair that needs to be removed on each side. Generally, thirty minutes is sufficient for the entire appointment.

It is essential that you allow the hair to grow out prior to your visit. Bikini Wax sticks better to longer hairs. If you are accustomed to shaving daily, this might be uncomfortable. However, you will appreciate not needing a razor for weeks after the waxing. Allow it to grow to at least one-quarter inch.

Take a shower the morning of your appointment. If your appointment is later in the day or you sweat a lot, consider taking some fresh wipes with you to clean up beforehand.

Avoid scheduling your appointment around your period. Your skin is extra sensitive in the days before, during and after this time of the month. However, this can be a great time to begin letting the hair grow out!

Consider pulling out a comfortable pair of underwear so that you need not worry about elastic rubbing against the freshly waxed bikini line.

Bikini Waxing Dallas

Wear comfortable clothing on the day of the appointment. In addition to loose pants, choose your undergarments wisely. Consider pulling out a comfortable pair of boy shorts so that you need not worry about elastic rubbing against the freshly waxed bikini line. Acetaminophen can be used prior to and afterward to reduce pain, swelling and stave off any residual discomfort. Ice packs are also effective for swelling.

Choose what is most comfortable for you. Exercise is a no-go for the first 24 hours after the waxing.  The tight clothing and sweat can exacerbate irritation and extend healing time. If you really want to perform some type of exercise, consider a light yoga or stretching session at home.

Know what you want before you go to the appointment. Discuss your desires with the esthetician to ensure you are happy with the final results.

Don’t plan on showing off your newly waxed bikini line just yet. Although you might want to don your favorite bathing suit and hit the local pool, that would be a mistake. The chlorine water can irritate freshly waxed skin. Likewise, save the beach for a day or two to avoid salt water irritation.

Stay out of the tanning bed or natural sunlight for at least 24 hours after your waxing. Your bikini line is more susceptible to burns just following a wax.

A smooth bikini line wax will help you to look and feel great, no matter what you are wearing. Treating yourself to a professional waxing will ensure that yours looks and feels fabulous. You are sure to appreciate the affordable convenience offered by a professional esthetician who specializes in waxing. You deserve it!  Reserve an appointment today!

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