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Back Hair Waxing/Removal

For some reason, men with hair on the back feel embarrassed by it, though it no way affects their looks, and is rarely seen by others unless they are on the beach. While the hair can be removed using hair removal cream, many men do not care for this method because it can cause irritation on your skin. Back waxing, on the other hand, is less painful and the effect can last for a while so that the procedure does not have to be repeated very often.

Back Waxing in Dallas

Waxing is a semi-permanent method of removing unwanted hair from the root. New hair will not grow in the waxed area from anywhere between 2 to 8 weeks depending on a person’s hair growth speed.  The waxing treatment consists of a thin layer of wax over the back skin.  After that, a paper or cloth strip is pressed onto the wax, and then it is ripped off quickly in a direction that is opposite to the hair growth direction.  This takes out the entire back hair along with its roots which is why your hair takes much longer to grow back.  A technician then removes any wax leftover without using any cloth or paper to complete the procedure.  Waxing is great for people who have sensitive skin.

When your back hair grows back after waxing it comes back soft, thin, and light and takes some time to thicken. There will be some redness or small bumps after waxing, but it will generally subside within 24 hours.  You can use water-based Aloe Vera rubs to soothe the skin, and it is best to wear loose clothing after your back has been waxed. The pores get opened up and require at least two or three hours to go back to normal.

Note: Hair needs to be at least 1/4 inch long for effective waxing. Longer hair may need trimming so as to reduce the discomfort of long hair being pulled out.

We use the best waxing products to ensure optimal skin

conditions and treatment.  It is better if the application is done by a trained professional rather than doing it yourself at home.  The skin should be cleaned and dry before treatment, as any oil in the skin can make it difficult for the wax to stick to the hair & skin thereby making the treatment less effective.

Refrain from scratching the waxed area afterwards, to allow the skin to heal after the treatment.

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Yes, waxing eliminates back hair. It’s much better than shaving, which removes hair from only the skin’s surface, leaving the root intact. 


Also, results from shaving last only 1-3 days, whereas those from waxing lasts 2 to 8 weeks. Take that, shaving!

It depends. Here’s the short version: if you have long back hair, trim it. However, if your hair is too short, we recommend you grow your hair a little longer. 


The longer version:


Waxing works best when your hair is ¼-inch to ½-inch. If your hair is equal to or slightly more than the length, waxing will be much more effective.


But here’s the caveat, if your hair is too long, waxing can cause discomfort. 


But relax, you don’t need to fetch your dusty ruler and measure each strand of your hair. Our professionals will help you with the trimming, so don’t make it a concern of yours.


If your hair is shorter than the inches we mentioned above, we suggest you let your hair grow (for a few more days) before getting it waxed.

Here are some ways you can prepare yourself for your waxing session.


Get a shower 

Water on your body will open up your pores, which will make the whole waxing thing less painful. And, of course, a shower is good for sanitary reasons. 



The day before waxing, exfoliate your skin. Exfoliation removes dirt, bacteria, and skin cells in your pores and hair follicles. But don’t scrub on the day of waxing; otherwise, you’ll be prone to irritation.


Moisturize your skin

Apply moisturizing lotion a few days before the treatment (again, not on the day of). This will make your skin soft and prevent any hair breakage. You’ll also find the waxing less painful. 

Hair takes an average of 2 to 8 weeks to grow back. And even if you notice hair growing on your body before that, wait at least for 4 weeks between sessions. That way your hair will grow long enough to stick to the wax. 


If you plan to wax often, we recommend you stick to the advised schedule. You should apply wax regularly to let its magic affect follicles. The more you wax, the easier it becomes to remove hair in future treatments. 


Take care of that beautiful skin of yours between sessions. Hydrate as much as possible (with a moisturizer) because any damage to dry skin can get exacerbated.  

Keep up with waxing appointments. As Mr. Miyagi says, wax on, wax off (often). The more you wax, the more your hair follicle gets damaged. And the more your hair follicle gets damaged, the more your hair thins. And the more your hair thins, the easier it becomes to wax in the future. 


And if you’re among the lucky ones, you may notice your skin remains hair-free for longer periods. And if you’re super lucky and the beauty gods love you, your back hair may stop growing altogether. 


Here are some more tips:


Don’t exfoliate immediately after waxing:

Skip the scrubbing. Ditch the hot showers too. Get a lukewarm one instead. Your skin will thank you.


Apply some antiseptic

If possible, apply some antiseptic solution to kill bacteria and prevent irritation, itching, inflammation, and rashes. 


Keep your hands off, Mister!

You may feel really tempted to touch your newly waxed area. Keep your hands off as much as possible though. It will help the skin heal much faster. 

Yes, waxing can be harmful to your skin – if done improperly. Don’t worry though, our professionals take great care to make sure none of the below hazards affect your skin.


Here are the top three (minor) risks with waxing:



Some redness after waxing is part and parcel of the waxing territory. The culprit for this is usually the heat from the wax. 


Treatment: Apply some aloe-based serum to the waxed area. This will calm your skin and eliminate the redness. As an extra precaution, wear loose, comfortable clothing after the treatment; friction makes things worse.


Ingrown hairs

Ingrown hairs are an inherent danger in ANY kind of hair removal, not just waxing. 


So what are ingrown hairs? There are hairs when removed, that grow downwards below the skin surface, instead of going upwards beyond it. 


But don’t worry about this; ingrown hairs are extremely rare for back waxing. It happens more when you wax your underarm or bikini line (because the hair there is thicker) 


Treatment: Prevention goes a long way, so we recommend exfoliating your back 24-48 hours in advance. In any case, our seasoned professionals will make sure you don’t face an ingrown hair issue.



You may look at your skin after waxing only to find bumps on them. Now how does that annoying thing happen? 


This occurs naturally (yet rarely) due to the body’s reaction to the waxed hair follicle and due to stress on the skin.


Treatment: None required, so don’t fret on it. These pesky bumps appear for two days, say their goodbyes just as quickly.  


As a rare occurrence, you may experience some pain from these bumps. There are two things to do in such an event: use a cold compress to soothe your skin and/or apply cortisone to reduce any inflammation.