Back Balm Booster 

Himalayan Salt Stone Back Treatment with Yoga Balm Enhancement 

50 Minute  $125 (Reg. $150)
80 Minute  $140 (Reg. $170)

A Pink Himalayan Salt Stone Massage on the back and yoga balm enhancement join forces for a deeply therapeutic treatment to detoxify, promote cell growth, reduce inflammation, and improve blood flow. Provides an immediate feeling of release with progression towards long-term holistic wellness. 

Cucumber Mint Foot Treatment 

Enhancement $20 (Reg. $40)

Pamper yourself with our luxurious Cucumber Mint scrub using pink Himalayan salt and steamed towels to soften, cucumber mint cream to nourish and hydrate, followed by a massage to make you feel like a new you! 

Eminence Organic Frosted Berry Peptide Lift

50 Minute $120 (Reg. $150)

Put your best face forward in 2018! Unleash glowy, plump skin with this specialized Eminence Organic facial proven to:
• Powerfully Stimulate Collagen Production!
• Dramatically Improve Skin Texture and Tone!
• IncreasesVitality and Glow!